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 I wanted a C-section with my first baby! Yes, I was that mom that was really afraid of everything all other moms used to talk about. But before I tell you more about my calling, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Chico, CA. Growing up was fun and even though I was a teenager once, I was able to make it through. Then, I went to school to get my bachelors, and even though I had my ups and downs, I ended up in Myrtle Beach, SC where I went to Coastal Carolina University. Why there? New babies were born into the family, my brothers, and I wanted a vacation. There I met who would become my soulmate, my future husband, my support, my life. We both finished school at CCU graduating with a finance degree. He got accepted to a school in Boston and we both ventured in the Northeast for the next couple of years. I worked as a financial advisor while he was doing some sort of hieroglyphics on paper. Then, we made the leap to Florida to follow our dreams of good weather and great jobs. Suddenly, unexpected, we got pregnant with our sweet baby girl and due to a rough start of my pregnancy I had to put a stop to a great job as a financial advisor. Pregnancy got better, but my nerves of becoming a first time mom were getting to me. Suddenly, one day towards my second trimester, my husband called me and asked me to go to a baby class with one of his coworkers. I almost didn’t go, but it turned out to be a really good decision to not be lazy, put my jeans and go to this class. I went alone due to my husband having to work late and even though I should have felt like out of place, I didn’t. Very quickly I learned that there were many more options than having a major surgery (i.e. C-section or cesarean) and that could be more fulfilling. I had many questions, so I stayed after the class and talked to the instructor. Who was this mystery woman than was changing my mind without knowing my true feelings about birth? Can anybody guess? Mandy Rojas. She was the doula for our baby girl and we established a friendship. Even though, all doulas will not become your best friends, like Mandy and I did, most good doulas will remain in touch with you one way or another because of the beautiful experience birth is. Fast forward two years and Mandy was there for the birth of our son. Through a turn of events, she went from doula to birth assistant to midwife. Birth is a beautiful gift and you have the choice to make it your own or to let someone guide you through blindly. As you can see, I did more than a career switch, I found my passion in something I wasn’t aware it existed. Now, I count with a great friend and mentor and with confidence can tell you that we want a joyful experience for you and your babies as well!