Palm Beach Maternity Center

Our goal is to make the transition through pregnancy, birth and post-partum as smooth as possible. We like to use holistic approaches to birth as often as we can. We believe that birth is a natural process that should have little to no interventions. We also believe that women should be supported wherever they choose to birth, in and out of the hospital. Always ensuring that families rights are respected and regarded. We are trying to change birth one family at a time.


Palm Beach Maternity Center is based around empowering women to have the best birth possible.


Labor Doula Services

Our doulas will give complete labor support from the very beginning of your labor. From when you decide you need her, until several hours after. She can help you figure out if you are in “true” labor as well. You will have two prenatal visits and one post-partum visit. Your doula will be on-call for you from the day we enter the contract till six weeks’ post-partum.

Full Service Midwifery Services

Total midwifery care encompasses prenatal care, blood work, ultrasound, delivery, and six weeks’ post-partum care. We also offer concierge service, which means all your prenatal’s and visits are done in the privacy of your own home. We welcome your Medicaid, private insurance, and we will always find a way to accommodate your needs.

Postpartum Doula Services

The post-partum doula is there to assist the family with the transition of the new arrival. Unlike a baby nurse who just focuses on the baby, a post-partum doula is there to assist the whole family. The doula will make sure the mother is eating and drinking plenty. Helping the mom with the baby duties so mom can also get some rest. Light housework and helping with older siblings is also included.

Placenta Encapsulation

This service includes pick-up and delivery of your placenta, a phone consult to discuss all of the details of your placenta services. Your placenta may produce a hundred to three-hundred capsules. The benefit of encapsulating your placenta are:                     - Balanced hormones, Increased energy, Stabilizes hemoglobin, Fast post-partum recovery, Shortened post-partum bleeding, Helps uterus return to size, Reduced chance of postpartum depression.

Placenta Tincture

This is a constitutional remedy that can be used for mom and baby. Tincture is made by adding a piece of the placenta to high grade alcohol and kept stored in a glass mason jar for a period of six weeks in a cool, dark spot. Placenta tincture is a way for mother and child to extend the placentas nutritional and hormonal benefits long after the capsules are gone. 



Gift Of Life Pregnancy offers massages prenatally and post-natal. Our licensed massage therapist will do massages at our office or in the privacy of your own home. Massage benefits include: Relieving lower back pain. Reduced swelling in legs.  Increased circulation. Help with restless legs and sleeplessness. Releases stress from the body in post-partum. Relieves birth induced muscle pain. Help with neck and shoulder pain.

We Accept All Kinds Of Insurance